wildlife exclusion faqs

What is Wildlife Exclusion, Does my Home Need it?

How do I know if I need wildlife exclusion in my home? Small animals like birds, squirrels, opossums, bats, and raccoons are always on the lookout for a safe place to live and nest—and sometimes that safe place is your home or attic. An infestation of pest wildlife can cause damage to your home, health, or property. That’s why professional …

Ava CarmichaelWhat is Wildlife Exclusion, Does my Home Need it?
spring pest control

Spring Pest Control Tips

Pests are a fact of life all year round, but springtime sees an increase in pest and insect activity. You may be looking forward to the warmer weather, but pests are, too. With spring marking the beginning of pest season, now is the time to protect your home. There are several ways you can incorporate springtime pest prevention methods into …

Ava CarmichaelSpring Pest Control Tips