Wildlife Damage Repairs

Xceptional Wildlife Removal specializes in Wildlife Damage Repairs caused by birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, moles, opossums, snakes, and other wild animals. Animals can create a lot of damages to homes and business and we specialize in these repairs. We are a full-service Wildlife Removal Company that provides solutions to get rid of nuisance animals and repair damages caused by these nuisance wild animals.


Wildlife Repair

Xceptional Wildlife Removal has trained carpenters on staff who are experts in the exclusion and repair of all types of wildlife damages. Our trained repair professionals are experts in replacing wood fascia, insulation removal, replacement, and all other types of wildlife damage repairs.

We are also experts in the structural modification of signs on buildings, netting warehouses types structures to prevent bird roosting and cleanup of fecal matter, and other excrement left behind by wild animals. 

Residential Wildlife Repair Services

homes dislodged gutterHomeowners face a lot of different types of damages from animals.  The most common are animals chewing through fascia boards, roofs, and ripping vent screens.  All of these damages are a result of an animal trying to access an attic.  As our communities get larger and the forest gets smaller animals are searching for alternative places to birth their babies. And what makes a better place than our homes. Our homes’ attics are a great place for an animal to have a baby.  Attics are high up away from danger, dry and comfy.  The problem is the damage they create to our homes’ attic. Wild animals are not house trained, so naturally, they urinate and poop everywhere causing foul odors, bacteria, and destroying your home’s insulation by smashing it. Compressed insulation decreases our homes’ heating and cooling ability. If this has happened to you, we provide Complete Insulation Services

It is important to have the animal removed as soon as it is discovered. An animal removed quickly can be fairly inexpensive but an animal that has been in an attic for a long time can be very expensive. The longer the animal is in an attic the more damage they can do. Don’t delay, call our Wildlife Experts to resolve your animal problems.

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Commercial Wildlife Damages

Wildlife Pros Bird Spiking ServicesIt is estimated that wild animals will do over $5 billion worth of damage in the State of Virginia this year alone. This does not account for damages done by animals in Washington DC and Maryland. Wild animals are responsible for fires, floods, and electrical malfunctions throughout the State of Virginia. If you are experiencing electrical problems, surges in your phone or electrical systems, leaks in your roof, or holes in your soffits you should consider giving wildlife pros of Xceptional Wildlife Removal a call today to be scheduled for your no-obligation inspection from one of our certified wildlife professionals.

The most common type of damages to commercial properties is caused by bird droppings. Bird droppings are the #1 problem associated with birds. This bird poop is so acidic it causes damage to almost everything it comes in contact with.

Bird Poop Damage Facts

  • An apprentice elevator mechanic obtained a $2.7 million settlement from a property owner after bird droppings caused him to slip and fall down an elevator shaft.
  • Bird droppings contain uric acid, which, at a pH of 3 to 4.5, can eat through most building materials.
  • Pest birds cause tens of millions of dollars of damage every year to machinery, automobiles, roofs, and ventilation systems.

Home improvement stores lose an extensive amount of inventory each year from bird droppings. Most of the losses occur from products in the garden center being pooped on by these nuisance birds. 

In addition to inventory losses, there is the cost of constantly having to pressure wash signs, buildings, and sidewalks because of the uncleanliness and unsightliness of the bird droppings to potential customers not to mention the health hazards. We provide commercial customers with such repair services as pressure washing of buildings, sidewalks, and signs.

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