get rid of voles

How to Get Rid of Voles?

A pesky unknown critter is creating trails and soft spots all over your lawn. You push them down, only to find them back again the next day. If you aren’t sure what’s going on, you probably have voles ravaging your grass. Here are tips on how to get rid of voles

Ava CarmichaelHow to Get Rid of Voles?
cost for wildlife removal

How Much Does Wildlife Removal Cost?

What can you do when you’re dealing with a wildlife problem on your property or house? The best solution is to call a wildlife specialist for wildlife removal, but many homeowners are reluctant because they aren’t sure how much it will cost. If you can’t mitigate a wildlife problem on your own, you may have to pay for a company …

Ava CarmichaelHow Much Does Wildlife Removal Cost?
bobcat removal

Are Bobcats Dangerous?

With the increasing population of bobcats in America, many landowners are coming into contact with these large predators. Are bobcats dangerous to us and our pets? And what should we do if a bobcat is on our property? What Do Bobcats Look Like? The bobcat, also known as red lynx and referred to as a ‘wildcat’, is a medium-sized cat …

Ava CarmichaelAre Bobcats Dangerous?