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Protect Your Solar Panels from Birds

Solar panels and birds don’t mix! Your solar panels’ lifespan can be shortened by bird damage. Here’s how to protect your solar panels from birds.

Rooftop mounted solar panels are becoming more common as homes and businesses attempt to provide electrical power using sustainable solar technology.

Solar panels, on the other hand, are not only a significant and sustainable source of energy, but they are also an attractive shelter and nesting site for birds, which is a growing problem.

What damage can birds do to solar panels?

Birds wreak havoc on solar panels every year, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Bird nests, droppings, and residues can cause significant damage to solar panels over time. Birds that construct nests beneath solar panels attract additional pests like squirrels and rodents.

These creatures can eat through the electrical wiring on solar panels, causing shorts and rooftop fires. Bees, wasps, and other insects have also been observed to form hives under solar panels. Furthermore, bird droppings and nests can carry up to 60 diseases, including encephalitis, meningitis, salmonella, and even the West Nile virus.

Deterrents to keep birds away from solar panels

Installing bird deterrents that are effective and ethical is the best method to deal with birds and other creatures living under solar panels. This should ideally be done when the solar panels are initially installed or at the very least before the arrival of pest birds.

Placing deterrents at this point is both simple and cost-effective because most wildlife removal experts or solar panel installers already have access to unique tools and lift equipment. Birds such as pigeons can be kept away from solar panels using a proactive bird proofing strategy before they settle in to roost and nest.

The next best strategy is to scare birds away as soon as they are seen. Delays in installing bird control measures will simply encourage more birds to assemble, making removal and maintenance more difficult.


How to keep birds away from your solar panel?

Remember that the advice given here is effective and practical in preventing birds from building nests or leaving droppings on business or home solar panels. If you have further questions, contact our professional bird removal team for help.


Solar panels should be cleaned regularly

Keeping your solar panels clean is an efficient way to increase the life of your solar panels. Cleaning will also prevent birds from returning year after year to the same nests.

To begin, thoroughly wipe the affected area. Solar panels are delicate, so don’t be rough with them when cleaning them. If you wash your panels regularly and wipe away excessive dirt build-up, they will last longer and hopefully keep birds out of the area.

This is a preventative strategy that will not work if you already have a pigeon problem. Pigeon proofing with wire mesh is the best solution to keep birds away.


Scare the birds away

This technique for driving birds away from solar panels isn’t well understood. Pigeons and gulls, which build their nests under solar panels, are scared of birds of prey. Purchasing fake birds of prey sculptures and placing them across the area may therefore be beneficial.

These are available from wildlife removal suppliers and specialists. This, however, is not the most effective way of bird control. That brings us to our next solution, which is the best solution to keep birds away from solar panels.


Wire Mesh Installation

We recommend installing mesh around the sides of the solar panels if you are already facing a bird problem. As the area will be sealed off, birds will be forced to find new places to nest. Mesh can safeguard your investment from future damage and is the best option.


Bird Spikes

Bird or pigeon spikes are the second-best bird control choice. This gentle approach of preventing birds from nesting under solar panels will keep them out of the areas underneath. Bird spikes should only be purchased and installed from reputable companies and should be of the best quality.

Birds cannot get into the gap between the roof and the underside of your solar panel if you use solar panel protection devices. Birds, rodents, and other pests will no longer be able to damage your solar panels or the underlying roof.

Pigeon problems affect one out of every five properties, with pigeons nesting behind solar panels being one of the most severe issues. It is often easier to prevent birds from nesting than to remove them, so start bird proofing today.

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Why do you need birdproof solar panels?

It helps protect your solar panels

Bird droppings are very corrosive, causing irreversible damage and erosion to the aluminum frames of solar panels and staining the solar panel facade, resulting in solar panel failure. Damage caused by birds is frequently not covered by the panels’ warranties, so bird proofing is necessary.

Prevent Property Damage

Under the solar panels, bird droppings and nesting ruminants are amassed. Obstructions and water build-up under the solar panels are caused by nesting material and feathers, so bird proofing will protect your solar panels and help you eliminate the bird problems.


Get rid of noisy nesting birds

It’s usual for birds to make a lot of noise when they’re breeding or roosting. Baby birds are notorious for making a lot of noise while in the nest, especially at night. Installing bird protection on your solar panels can provide you with immediate peace and tranquility.


Hiring Bird Removal Specialists

In recent years, solar panels have grown in popularity. What solar panel installers don’t tell you is that birds can do damage to your panels and that you’ll eventually end up hiring a professional bird proofing company.

Our team of professional bird removal specialists is here to help eliminate your bird problem. Contact us today for a free estimate

Eventually, pigeons and other birds will use residential or commercial solar panels as nesting sites. The solar panels attract birds because of the warm refuge they provide. Bird debris can cause serious harm to your solar panel investment over time, as well as diminish its performance.

Damaged wiring, panels, and parts may need to be repaired, which can be costly. As a result, we recommend that you take a proactive approach with your investment and follow our solar panel protection tips to prevent nuisance birds from destroying your solar panels at home.

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