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Spring Pest Control Tips

Pests are a fact of life all year round, but springtime sees an increase in pest and insect activity. You may be looking forward to the warmer weather, but pests are, too.

With spring marking the beginning of pest season, now is the time to protect your home. There are several ways you can incorporate springtime pest prevention methods into your spring cleaning routine this year, in addition to working with a pest control expert. Read on for expert Spring pest control tips

Most Common Spring Pests

A lot of pests that are troublesome in the springtime are active throughout the entire year. However, they have a peak in activity during the spring, especially after being more dormant in the winter months. The most common pests you need to look out for in the springtime include:

  • Ants – With warmer weather comes hordes of ants in your home. When the temperatures warm up, carpenter ants may come out and forage for new locations. Carpenter Ants and Pavement Ants are also common. Pavement ants are normally found outside in the soil but can also enter homes to find food. Carpenter Ants can be seen inside and outside of your home. They may be coming from an outside nest or may have already made a colony in the walls of your home. They can create tunnels in wood that may damage the structure of your home.
  • Cockroaches – Just like ants, when the weather gets warmer, roaches will be on the lookout for food. Cockroaches are very dangerous to people because they are carriers of bacteria that can pose health threats to humans. Salmonella and E. coli are among the common bacteria they carry around.
  • Termites – Spring is the season for most insects, which means many termite problems begin at this time.  Have your home inspected regularly for termites.
  • Rodents – Although they’re active year-round, rats and mice are a problem in the spring. Rodents are not just a problem every spring since they can be an all-year nuisance. From the house mouse to the black rat, these pests are often found to be the worst type of pests in homes.
  • Raccoons – Raccoons are notorious pests during the spring season and tend to rummage through garbage.
  • SquirrelsMost squirrels are active year-round, but in the spring, you will see a lot more activity from these critters. Spring is a busy time of year for squirrels as the come out of their dens in search of food. Keeping a large population of squirrels down will prove less destructive to your vegetable garden or fruit trees.
  • Stinging insects – Bees, Wasps, Yellow Jackets and hornets are gearing up to build nests this time of year. You may be seeing a wasp, hornet or yellow jacket queen bee that may have stayed in your wall voids and attics during winter. Once they wake up, they will look for a place where they can lay eggs and establish their colonies. Do not let these insects stay in your home. Make sure to treat the areas you see coming in and out as soon as you can so that they will not be able to create a colony. Bees should not be killed, rather, safely relocated as they play an integral role in pollination.
  • Spiders – Spiders are commonly found in basements, bathrooms, garages, porches and other sheltered places. They usually come out to search for food and other insects. Their presence in your home is an indication that you have other insects in your home.
  • Fleas and Ticks – prevention is the best solution for flea and tick season! Begin your pest control program early to keep ticks and fleas from multiplying. Treat your pets with flea and tick medicine and keep your yard tidy and grass mowed.
  • Stink bugs – After winter, many homeowners see a resurgence in stink bugs. Stink bugs aren’t known to bite humans or damage property, but caution should be used when handling them to avoid a release of their unpleasant odor. Stink bugs destroy crops and are a threat to the agricultural industry.
  • House Flies – Flies are a huge nuisance when they take over your backyard, cookouts and get inside your home. They often carry bacteria and diseases which can spread while landing on food and food-prep surfaces.

10 Springtime Pest Control Tips

It can be hard to prevent pest problems that sometimes simply seem inevitable. During your spring-cleaning routine, it’s smart to implement some simple pest prevention methods to lessen your chance of an infestation in the coming months. Some of these Spring pest control tips include:

  1. Thoroughly cleaning your windows and doors. Seal any cracks or crevices. Springtime seems like the best time to have doors open, but any time a door opens, pesky insects find a way to get inside.
  2. To stop mice from entering our home, search out their entry and block any potential entry points. Areas such as ill-fitting doors, vents, roof gaps, and pipes travelling through wall spaces are a potential entry way for these pests.
  3. Make sure that all sources of food are kept and stored in tight containers.
  4. Store woodpiles or similar items away from your home.
  5. Deep cleaning your carpets and rugs. Vacuum, shampoo, or even steam-clean the surface.
  6. Sanitizing and cleaning your kitchen with a focus on your appliances. Crumbs, food left out and spilled liquids will welcome all sorts of bugs and pests.
  7. Removing debris from your yard and trimming any shrubs or tree branches away from your home.
  8. Clear out your gutters and downspouts.
  9. Checking on plumbing and pipes. Quickly address any leaks or blockages.
  10. Keep a clean home at all times. Clean under furniture, wipe down surfaces, and inspect areas of your home that need some fixing up.

Professional Pest Control

Spring is a time of growth and new beginnings. For many, it’s also the beginning of pest season. If you want to keep your home or business pest-free this season, be sure to call our team for pest extermination and prevention services. We service many areas throughout the United States! View our service areas

Our experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you get ahead of any potential pest problems. We offer both residential and commercial pest control services, so no matter what your needs are, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can protect your property from pests this season!

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