Remove Pest Birds in your Commercial Facility

Why You Should Remove Pest Birds in your Commercial Facility

Industries spend tens of thousands of dollars each year cleaning up the mess birds leave behind and repairing the damage they’ve done. The cost of dealing with this persistent annoyance is far greater than the cost of routine property maintenance. Why You Should Remove Pest Birds in your Commercial Facility? Risks such as falls, electrical fires, and unsanitary conditions are just some of the many reasons. But there’s more.

If you have bird droppings on your property, it can damage your reputation, erode structural components, and lead to costly lawsuits. To ensure a safe and sanitary workplace, it is essential to get rid of birds, as they are known to carry more than 60 diseases. Bird problems can lead to expensive settlements and serious health risks if they aren’t addressed in a timely manner.

Flocks of birds can quickly make your facility a permanent home. Avoid the negative impact on your business, unhealthy mess, and possible dangers with bird control.

Why Commercial Bird Control is Necessary

Commercial operations, warehouses, retail establishments, factories, distribution are easy targets for bird infestations. With optimal nesting, roosting and landing opportunities, large flocks of birds can quickly make your facility a permanent home. Avoid the negative impact on your business, unhealthy mess, and possible dangers with bird control.

Bird control should be required for the following reasons:

  • Bird droppings are highly acidic and can cause irreparable damage to vital equipment, rooftops, walkways, and everything from paint and cement to wood and metals.
  • Birds and nests can clog HVAC ducts and equipment and start fires if they become trapped or entangled.
  • Food-borne illness outbreaks and regulatory action can be triggered when birds contaminate food products.
  • Allergies to birds can be triggered by feces and feather dander.
  • Bird nesting materials and droppings in commercial spaces give customers, visitors, and colleagues a bad impression of your company.
  • There are over sixty diseases spread by pest birds that are spread to workers who are exposed to daily cleaning of bird droppings.
  • Flooding can occur if nesting materials clog gutters and drains.
  • Fines, legal action, or a complete shutdown of a business can result from the presence of bird droppings and nesting materials in food storage facilities or food processing plants.
  • It is possible that bird droppings could pose a hazard to your employees and customers.
  • In some industries, the presence of infectious bird droppings can result in fines, lawsuits, and other legal proceedings.
  • You are losing money if your production has to be slowed down, delayed, or stopped because of bird influence. Due to a buildup of bird droppings, employees should not be allowed to work in areas that may be hazardous.
  • In addition to being a nuisance to your employees and visitors, birds can also have a negative impact on productivity.
bird spikes used in warehouses and parking garages

Ways to Control Bird Infestations Safely and Humanely

Hiring a professional bird control service that offers safe, effective and viable solutions for all types of bird problems can help you avoid health risks, property damage, cleanup costs, expensive equipment repairs, health code violations, work stoppages and clogged drains. Options for preventing birds from invading an area include the following:

bird netting installed in a warehouse
bird netting installed in warehouse

Bird Netting

Birds are kept out of undesirable areas like eaves, canopies, and gardens thanks to netting, which acts as a physical barrier. All year round, birds nesting and roosting can be effectively prevented with netting, ensuring that any desired location is free of their annoyance.

bird flex shock track, bird deterrent installed
Bird Shock Flex Track is low-profile and effective against all species of pest birds utilizing the principle of fear and flight, conditioning birds to stay away.

Flex Shock Track

When it comes to keeping birds away from an area, shock tracks are a simple and humane method that is both safe and effective. When a bird lands on a surface, it emits a mild electric shock. Shock tracks can be applied to any flat or curved surface, such as parapet walls, eaves, beams, ledges, and rooflines, without causing any harm to birds.

Bird, Pigeon Spikes

Bird spikes are the most effective means of establishing a no-landing zone. An effective anti-roosting, anti-nesting, and anti-perching area can be created by using spikes. It is easy for them to blend in with the environment, and they are designed to cause no harm. On narrow surfaces like security cameras, signage, parapet walls and ledges above windows and light posts, bird spikes are used.

Bird Repellents and Flash Tape

There are many types of professional bird deterrents such as:

Bird-Shock® Flex-Track™
Optical Gel™
Daddi Long Legs™
Eagle Eye®

Flash tape is also a popular, though less effective, bird deterrent to Remove Pest Birds in your Commercial Facility. Flash tape works to scare birds away. When the wind blows and sunlight reflects off the Mylar tape surface, the reflective flash tape is effective at scaring away birds.

Without the assistance of an expert, bird control is a difficult task.

For warehouse management, attempting their own bird control is both frustrating and time-consuming. In order to control birds, chasing them away isn’t enough because they will continue to return as long as there is a place to return to.

As time passes, the more difficult it will be to eradicate bird nests and roosts. Customized commercial bird control solutions are available. Need help getting rid of birds or protecting your commercial building? Contact us today!

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