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Why are Spiders in my Bathroom?

Do you ever find yourself wondering why spiders are in your bathroom? You’re not alone. This is a common question that many homeowners ask themselves after finding a few spiders hidden in towels or lurking in showers or hampers.

If you seem to be finding spiders in your bathroom often, don’t panic. Read on to learn why they are there, and what you can do to prevent them from coming back.

Why are spiders attracted to your bathroom?

Spiders can be found in any room of your home but most frequently they’re spotted in bathrooms because these areas provide water and food for them. “Food? Really?” you may be thinking. Actually, yes.

Like all species, spiders (and other insects) need water to survive. That’s why they’re drawn to your bathroom, especially during more dry times of the year, such as fall and winter. Besides the kitchen sink, bathrooms are typically the only place to consistently find moisture.

Spiders are very opportunistic creatures, and they will seek food and make a web any place where there are insects to catch. Unfortunately, damp areas also attract insects for water. And while spiders may seem like the enemy, they are actually the lesser of the evil when it comes to other insects that carry diseases such as cockroaches, fleas and mosquitoes.

If there is a lack of water outside, spiders will come looking for it in your home

Where you’ll find spiders in your house

The most common places you’ll find spiders in your home is around sinks, showers, bathtubs, laundry areas, and damp areas. Oftentimes, spiders go to tubs and sinks for a drink of water and are unable to get out. If you see a spider in your sink and you’re certain it isn’t a black widow or a brown recluse, you may use a paper cup and a firm sheet of paper to scoop it out and release it back into its natural habitat (outside!).  

How are spiders getting in the house?

You may see spiders in your bathroom and wonder where they are coming from. Garden and yard spiders either enter your home through windows, doors, cracks, or some small access point in your home. They may also be a species of house spider that live in your home and repopulate.

Some spiders are tiny and able to fit through the slightest cracks

What should you do to deter spiders from your bathroom?

To keep spiders away, do your part to keep the area as dry as possible. Wipe down surfaces after baths and showers and dispose of wet towels immediately. Leaving wet towels on the floor is an invitation for spiders (not to mention mold and mildew). If you suspect they are coming in from windows or doors, check for cracks and openings and seal with caulking or door seals.

If you see spiders but no insects, that means the spiders are doing a good job of controlling the pest population -at least for a little while. Putting out fly strips, spraying for ants and roaches may help diminish the underlying problem. However, if you’re looking for the best, most effective long-term solution, a pest control professional can help keep the pests away.

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