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How to Get Rid of Foxes on Your Property

A family of foxes has decided your property is a great place to call home. Now what? Getting rid of foxes on your property can be easy and safe if you know what to do.

The term, “sly fox” wasn’t coined for no reason. In fact, if you’ve ever observed foxes, you know how cunning and clever they can be. Foxes are expert hunters. They can easily catch rabbits, rodents, birds, and frogs and dine on earthworms, berries and fruit too.

Safe, humane fox removal

As cute as they are, foxes can wreak havoc to your property or farmhouse. A fox is not only happiest in their own environment, but a family of hungry foxes can be a threat to your garden, crops, pets, chickens, farm animals. Fox removal is important in such a situation.

Luckily, foxes are not generally a physical threat to your cats, dogs, or yourself, except when they are rabid, which is very rare. Although foxes sometimes succumb to rabies, the good news is that the fox strain of rabies has rarely, if ever, been transmitted to a human in the US.

Try these tips to make your property free of foxes.

Ways to Remove Foxes from Your Property

  • Get rid of all the places on your property that are favorable homesites for foxes to hide. Think like a fox: they like dens and cave-like areas. Crawlspaces and under porches are great places for foxes to build dens. Covering up all entry areas will discourage foxes from taking up residence near your home
  • Foxes mainly prefer dark and quiet places. Installing a motion light outside your home will deter foxes and other wildlife from hanging around
  • Try an ultrasonic fox deterrent machine. Once you start running the machine on your property premises, it creates an ultrasonic wave. Some people swear by the results, some do not. But if you prefer a humane way of deterring foxes, this is one option to try. The sound of the ultrasonic wave can make the area irritating and unfavorable for the foxes.
  • Use fox repellents to drive away foxes
  • Keep trash in bins and tightly closed
  • Seek help from your local wildlife removal services. Most wildlife removal services are humane and work quickly to remove and relocate the foxes from your property
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Humane Fox Removal Services

In many cases, a female fox, or Vixen, will have a backup plan to relocate her cubs when her current den is no longer available or accessible. Wildlife removal specialists can work with you to remove babies and allow the vixen to relocate her family elsewhere.

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