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Should We Be Worried About Murder Hornets?

By now you have heard about the Asian Murder Hornets. The big question a lot of people want to know is, Should We be Worried About Murder Hornets? Hundreds of large Asian hornets, sometimes called “murder hornets,” have been found in Washington state. Agriculture officials said the insects present a threat to both humans and the beekeeping industry.

Murder Hornets vs. Regular Hornets

The gigantic size of the murder hornets can be scary, for sure. But if you get stung by one of these hornets, what will happen? According to the latest research, the murder hornets are not much more harmful to humans than typical hornets, unless you are severely allergic or are stung more than a couple of times.

Asian hornet removal service

The murder hornets are larger in size than the regular hornets and their stings can hurt a lot more. The most important thing to keep in mind is these types of hornets are destructive for honeybees, forests, and crops. Hornets are most destructive in the late summer and early fall. They attack honeybee hives, killing adult bees and eating their young.

A murder hornet can inject more amounts of toxic venom inside your body and can cause a lot more pain. You’re more prone to have some serious issues from a murder hornet if you already have some underlying disease or if you are severely allergic to insect bites, wasp or bee stings. Hornets do not generally target people, but they can attack when threatened.

Removing Asian Hornets

Once an Asian hornet has been positively identified in an area, kill traps should be used. This is in the expectation that if Asian hornets are in the area then they will be trapped and identified.

If you suddenly find some murder hornets nearby your home, call the local wasp removal or wildlife pest control service. You shouldn’t try to catch or kill the murder hornet or spray its nest with pesticides. Asian Hornet removal is best left up to the professionals at wildlife removal services. Safe hornet removal is imperative for you and your family, as well as neighbors.

Hornet Nest Removal

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