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How to Safely Get Rid of Bats

If you suspect you have bats living around your home, here are some tips to deter bats from entering your home and ways to safely get rid of bats.

Bats are little creatures that can do big damage to your home! Having a large nest of bats nearby means you probably won’t have a big population of insects, but it also means you will have to bear the smell and noise of the bats. Not to mention the nuisance and damage they can cause if they have taken up residence in your home attic. Bats can damage the external structure of your house and get inside, causing even more damage to your home’s interior. Bats can also cause serious health issues to you and your family. The best method for safety for everyone is to get rid of bats as safely and humanely as possible.

But if you have bats living in your attic or barn, there are some easy steps to safely get rid of bats.

Tips for Bat Removal

  • Find out through which gap or broken wall the bats are coming inside. Try to repair the broken edges or gaps. Wildlife control specialists are trained to identify, clean, and repair damage that bats, raccoons, and squirrels can do to your home.
  • Bats are not fond of lights. So, using floodlights or motion sensor outside lights you can keep the bats at bay. Having a light on inside can also prevent bats from coming inside. If you have an attic or a barn, you may consider having a motion sensor light installed inside.
  • You can create an alternative bat shelter or bat house option for the bats living around your home. Bat houses can be purchased online or at some hardware stores. A bat shelter can be placed in a tree or anywhere else you’d prefer them to roost. Providing them a space of their own will discourage them from making a home in your attic.
  • There are several bat repellent sprays in the market that you can apply. Use the repellent spray to fight bats. Spray it all over your house. That can be also beneficial for you up to some extent.
  • If all else fails, call your local wildlife removal company who specializes in bat removal.

Bats are beneficial to the ecosystem since they do eat a lot of insects. But they can also quickly become nuisance pests. If you see a bat during the day, do not approach it or attempt to catch it. Many bats carry rabies and even touching one could be risky.

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Bat Removal Specialists

Bat removal is best left to the wildlife experts. Trained in bat removal, a wildlife technician will safely, and humanely remove bats from your property and even performs repairs and cleanup where needed.

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