Why An Overabundance of Squirrels is a Problem

Squirrels are cute, but they can be destructive. An overabundance of squirrels can wreak havoc on your property and neighborhood. They cause a lot of damage to your garden and home by chewing on wires, roofs and causing leaks in the roof.

Many farmers and home gardeners see a dramatic increase in damages to fruit crops during squirrel infestations, causing a lot of lost income, food supply and frustration. During challenging times, humane squirrel removal is the best method.

Overabundance of Squirrels


What Causes a ‘Squirrel Boom’?

According to wildlife experts, a variety of reasons can cause an increase in squirrel population, or what many call a “squirrel boom” or “squirrel apocalypse”, mainly, the increase in food (acorns, nuts and seeds in birdfeeders), lack of natural predators, and very little snow during the winter.

There’s not a lot of good data on actual squirrel numbers, said Paul Curtis, an extension wildlife specialist at Cornell University’s Department of Natural Resources. But there do seem to be a lot more this year, thanks to a bumper crop of food sources like acorns last fall and a relatively mild, low-snow winter.

With temps increasing in some areas during winter, the population of squirrels can soar, causing neighborhoods and home properties to have an over-abundant squirrel population and even more damage to homes, gardens, and crops. Yes, while they are cute, there really can be too many squirrels!

Overabundance of Squirrels, squirrel removal

The rodent boom, along with the COVID shutdown, may have some lasting effects – primarily when places like college campuses eventually reopen. Wildlife will rapidly encroach on green areas that suddenly become devoid of people.

Basically, any place where people would frequent and now they are closed will be filled up with wildlife.

Getting Rid of Squirrels

The best way to get rid of squirrel overpopulation is with professional wildlife removal services because they have the skills and equipment necessary for this job. Squirrel damages cost a lot more money than just lost food from the squirrels’ raids on your bird feeders. Having too many squirrels around your home can be problematic, especially if when an overabundance of squirrels occurs.

Wildlife Pros offers humane animal control solutions that will keep them out of your business without harming them or you! Our experts work around the clock so that you don’t have to worry about any more damages caused by these pesky critters.

We offer free estimates so you know exactly what it will cost before we start working on your property!

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