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Annanpolis Raccoon Control, Raccoon RemovalAnimal Control Solutions Wildlife Control Experts provide complete Nuisance Wildlife Removal and Wildlife Control services throughout Annapolis and surrounding cities of Anne Arundel County Maryland. We are experts at removing all types of nuisance animals such as birds, bats, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, possums, groundhogs, beavers, muskrats and other nuisance animals of Annapolis Maryland. We are a local company that has been providing Nuisance Wildlife Removal throughout Annapolis, Maryland since 1993.

We are a complete wildlife removal company that specializes in removal and control of all types of Maryland’s wild animals in addition to all types of animal damage repairs including Fascia Board Replacement or repair, Insulation Removal, Insulation Replacement and animal fecal matter clean-up are just a few of our services provided.

We have been providing Maryland with complete reliable services to handle wildlife conflicts for over 20 years! We are a one stop shop, we DO NOT subcontract out any of our work, all repairs are performed by our wildlife repair team and our work is 100% guaranteed. Most wildlife removal companies will subcontract out services such as insulation services because they do not have the proper equipment. This subcontracting leads to ineffective and/or inferior work done by an inexperienced person that doesn’t have proper Wildlife training or a license by the State of Maryland to handle Wildlife Repair Damages. Don’t trust an insulation company to properly disinfect your attic that has been contaminated with bat guano or animal feces. Call Animal Control Solutions today to have your animal problem solved EFFECTIVELY & SAFELY DONE RIGHT!

Annapolis Bat Removal

Annanpolis Bat Guano, Bat Control, Bat RemovalBats often become a nuisance animal within the Annapolis Maryland area. In the Annapolis, MD area bats will congregate within attics of homes, buildings and other man-made structures. Bats are known to colonize in large colonies upwards of 1000 bats. If you suspect that you have bats within your Annapolis, Maryland homes attic please contact Animal Control Solutions for your no obligation in home inspection.

There are several types of bats within Annapolis, MD that will colonize in buildings and homes attics. These common house bats are the big brown bat and the little brown bat which are both found in this area of Maryland. The photo here is representative of the damage that a bat colony can do if not properly taken care of. The result is usually a very large amount of bat guano buildup below the areas the bats are roosting near. In this example to the left, the bats were roosting in the soffit of a single family home. These bats had been in the attic for an extended period of time causing a large build of bat guano.

Annapolis Snake Removal

annapolis rat snake removalSnake removal within the Annapolis Maryland area is another common call received by our office on a daily basis. Commonly snakes will get into businesses, homes, garages, basements and even attics. Once they are in an attic they will then burrow holes into the insulation. This type of snake problem commonly occurs most often during winter months.

These snakes are searching for a food source, which in many instances will be rats, mice or any other type of rodent commonly found within homes and buildings. This type of snake found in structures is most commonly identified as a Black Snake, or a black rat snake which is pictured on the far left side of this page.

Another type of snake that we receive many calls about is a copperhead. During a copperhead’s life there are several periods of growth with the first being the juvenile state and the other being a full-grown copperhead. These are two very distinct looking creatures. The juvenile copperhead will have very distinct color pattern and a lime green tip on its tail. As the juvenile copperhead grows the lime green tip on its tail will fade away then becoming a very distinctive looking copper colored snake with black hourglass shapes that spans the length of its entire body.

This common type of snake we deal with in this area are black rat snakes, garden variety snakes, and copperheads. Copperheads are commonly found in Virginia and Maryland. These are very dangerous snakes and you should never be attempted to handle without the proper safety equipment. Give us a call today if you feel you have a copperhead snake in your home or property we will safely remove all types of Maryland’s snakes!

Annapolis Bird Removal

Annapolis Bird Control Services, Bird RemovalBird removal within Annapolis Maryland is also very common call received by our office. Birds often become a nuisance during the spring and early summer months and become a nuisance to businesses and commercial properties by roosting on store fronts such as grocery stores, signs, parking light fixtures and other buildings where people gather such as shopping malls and restaurants. There are also occasions when birds will get into a grocery store, or mall causing the business a major health hazard from the possible contamination of food with bird droppings. These birds will need to be captured and removed from inside the store or mall. This is a common service we provide for businesses throughout Maryland. We have several contracts with large big box stores to control bird problems and we are sure we can assist you you’re your Bird Problem.

Residential bird removal is also very common service that we provide. We have many calls from homeowners where birds have gotten into vents such as microwave vents, bathroom vents, and even gotten into attics and built huge nests. A bird nest in a home’s vent or attic is not an ideal situation and not a desired situation for homeowners. We can help you will all of these bird problems and more!

Annapolis Squirrel Removal

Annanpolis Squirrel Removal, Squirrel ControlSquirrels are one of the most common animals seen with Annapolis Maryland areas. They run about power lines, across fence tops, in roadways and are very cute to watch until they chew a hole in the side of your house and run rampant in your attic! Squirrels are one of the most dangerous rodent animals to having in your homes attic because of the constant chewing. They can cause major damage to your homes wires, roof supports, attic fans and gable vents from this constant chewing.

Squirrels have front teeth that continue to grow, therefore their desire to chew is always present. While in an attic squirrels will chew on wires, cable TV outlets and possibly roof supports. Squirrels are the number one cause of unexplained fires within the United States causing damage totaling more than 40 million dollars a year. Don’t let these cute uninvited, destructive guest stay in your attic get them out today!

Annapolis Raccoon Removal


Annapolis Raccoon RemovalRaccoons are also a common pest animal that are found within Annapolis Maryland. These cute animals will invade attic areas and take up residence in your home or building. Don’t be fooled by raccoons cute and furry appearance they are one of the most destructive and aggressive animals that may invade your Annapolis home. These animals will do whatever it takes to protect their young and home. Once a raccoon has gotten into an attic they can destroy wiring, ductwork, insulation, attic vent fans and contaminate your attic with animal feces and urine. If you suspect that you have a raccoon living in your attic please call for a no obligation inspection today. We have the knowledge and experience to get rid of these pest before than have the opportunity to create serious damage to your home.

Annapolis Mole Trapping

  Annapolis Mole RemovalAnnapolis Mole Trapping is a common service provided by our wildlife removal technicians. Trapping moles is the most successful and practical method for getting rid of moles. Although, moles are beneficial in removing damaging insects and grubs from the lawn they create far more damage from the burrows they dig. This burrowing destroys roots of grasses, flower beds and destroys gardens. We provide complete mole trapping programs to get rid of these Annapolis Pests and offer solutions to prevent new ones from returning. Once it is affirmed by our Annapolis Wildlife Removal technician that the moles have been removed the lawn may be treated to eliminate the food supply that is attracting these nuisance pests.

 Mole Damage Identification

Commonly mole damage may be confused with pocket gophers. These animals are commonly found in the same areas and create similar damage. Moles push dirt and soil up from tunnels they create.  This dirt and soil are made up of clods and look similar to volcano shaped hills. Whereas pocket gopher mounds are larger and kidney shaped. Stop this damage to your lawn contact us today for Annapolis Mole Trapping!

Annapolis Skunk Removal

Annapolis Skunk ControlAnnapolis Skunk Removal services are provided throughout Anne Arundel County and surrounding Maryland areas. Skunks are a nuisance pest that commonly den under buildings and homes. These pest spay a pungent odor as their defense mechanism. This scent is nauseating to most and is persistent and difficult to get rid of. This foul odor poses a problem for homeowners with pets that may encounter a skunk. We provide complete services to get rid of skunk removal, skunk trapping and other skunk control services throughout Annapolis, MD.

The Striped Skunk is found throughout Annapolis, Maryland and is a member of the weasel family. Its appearance is similar to the common house cat and can weigh up to 8lbs. Its common characteristic is its jet black fur with two white stripes that run down its head to the tip of its tail. Skunks commonly feed on small mammals, insects and plants. Skunks become a nuisance when their den and feeding habits coincide with humans. Will their food source becomes scarce the will get into garbage, pet food dishes, and dig holes in lawns in search of food. If you are having problems with skunks contact us today to resolve all types of Annapolis Skunk Problems.

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