Squirrels in Ceiling

Squirrel in Ceiling

If you have a squirrel living in your ceiling, it is a major pain and also a major danger. The noises they make at night, can keep you up and do not look good to guests. Another issue is that these squirrels can burst through the ceiling which will lead to danger. This danger includes their claws and teeth, while small, can lead to some nasty injuries and diseases. In addition to posing a physical threat, squirrels can also cause significant damage to your home by chewing on electrical wires and gnawing on wood and other materials. If you want to address this issue, it is crucial to take quick action and bring in professional help. Xceptional Wildlife Removal has the expertise and resources to safely remove squirrels from your home and prevent future invasions. We are driven to make sure to not only remove the squirrels but to make sure they stay out of your home for good. We also offer a free inspection with no obligation. That way, if there isn’t an animal issue it will come at no cost to you.

Dangers of a squirrel in the ceiling

If there is a squirrel in your ceiling, you need to know the dangers they bring. A squirrel is dangerous, as its claws and teeth are sharp and will draw blood. If you or someone in your home comes into contact with a squirrel, you could be bitten or scratched. Which can be painful and potentially even dangerous if the wound becomes infected. Worse yet, you will need a rabies shot, as squirrels carry this disease. If you get bit please get a rabies shot as this disease is fatal if you wait until symptoms show. Some squirrels such as the flying squirrel carry diseases such as the plague, and leptospirosis. These diseases can be life-threatening if left untreated.

Another danger to consider is the potential for the squirrel to fall from the ceiling. If the squirrel chews through your ceiling, it may fall from the ceiling and onto your lap! The squirrel will also be confused and will attack you in a panic. However, the worst aspect of having a squirrel in the ceiling is not the dangers, but the damage they can cause.

Squirrel urine found in the ceiling
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Damages of a squirrel in the ceiling

The main issue when it comes to squirrels in the ceiling isn’t the danger, but the damage they cause. These animals will chew electrical wires, insulation, supports, and cause general mayhem wherever they are. If a squirrel chews on an electrical wire in your ceiling, it can create a fire hazard and put your home at risk. Squirrels may also chew on wood and other materials, which can weaken the structure of your home and potentially lead to more significant damage. In addition to the direct damage caused by the squirrel’s chewing, the presence of a squirrel in your ceiling can also lead to indirect damage, such as water damage from leaking, if the squirrel’s activities go unchecked for an extended period of time. It is important to address the issue of a squirrel in your ceiling as soon as possible to minimize the risk of damage to your home.

Chewed wires and supports caused by a squirrel in ceiling

How we remove them

Our first step is to do a thorough inspection of your home to find these squirrels in your ceiling. We will check your ceiling for any signs of squirrels including, feces, urine, food, gnaw marks, and the squirrels themselves. Our technicians have the right tools to search the tight and hard to reach places. After we have confirmed to presence of squirrels, if we can, we will grab them right there. Otherwise, we will continue our inspection in finding how these menaces got into your home. Because removing the squirrels will be pointless if they can crawl back in again.

Do not attempt to grab squirrels yourself! Our company are trained and know the dangers of squirrels. We take proper precautions to make sure that we are safe, and that we do not cause the squirrels suffering. At Xceptional Wildlife we pride ourselves in humane and safe animal removal. This means that our primary method of removing squirrels is not to kill them but to exclude them

How we exclude squirrels from your ceiling

Our removal and exclusion solution is one in the same. First we will cover the opening to your ceiling or home with a one-way door. This will allow the squirrels to leave but they cannot get back in. We will then wait until we are sure that all the squirrels are out. Because if we seal the hole too quickly, then they can die in your home leading to an awful smell. Or they could chew a new hole out of your home.

We will also talk with you how to prevent any future squirrel invasions. This can include which trees should be trimmed that can provide a way to your home. Removing debris, removing food sources such as bird feeders, and talking about our pest control program.

Squirrel exclusion device

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Squirrels are a menace. Especially if there is a squirrel in the ceiling. These rodents will tear up insulation, chew wires, and supports which will lead to costly repairs and potential fire damage. While they do look cute, they are dangerous as you can easily get scratched as bad as a cat scratches you. These scratches can get infected, and can be vectors of dangerous diseases.
This is why you need a professional wildlife removal company, because you may get the squirrel out. But if you don’t know how they are getting in then more will come back. We have the tools and expertise to do it quickly, humanely, and effectively.
Call us today at 800-929-7163 because at Xceptional we get wildlife out and make sure they stay out.
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