Squirrel Exclusion

Is your home in need of squirrel exclusion?

Squirrels are cute, but make no mistake that these are rodents and wild animals whose instincts are wild and unpredictable. If given the chance, a squirrel will find any openings in your home and start nesting which will lead to damage to your home and thousands of dollars in repairs. We commonly find Grey Squirrels, Red Squirrels, Fox Squirrels, and lately Flying Squirrels. These pests enter your attics, walls, vents, soffits, and ceilings! Make no mistake, squirrels are part of the rodent family and should be treated as you would treat mice or rats. They share the same instincts and behaviors as the rodent brethren and can be just as hard to get rid of.

Squirrel exclusion done right

If you simply get the squirrels removed you run the risk of other squirrels and rodents coming back. Handyman, neighbor, or other pest control companies do not require expert knowledge or proper equipment to do the job right. By law, squirrels are listed as “nuisance wildlife”, which makes it illegal to use poison on them. That is why we focus more on trapping and exclusion.

Squirrel exclusion is a job that should only be handled by professionals. These professionals need the right permits, trapping licenses, and training to make sure the job is done right and in compliance with US laws. Xceptional Wildlife is a company, that not only has all the permits needed, but our technicians are trained and degreed, to get the job done right.

How we exclude squirrels

We primarily use one-way doors to exclude squirrels. These are doors we build in the hole where the squirrels are coming from. These are specially made so that they can leave, but not come back. We build our own one-way doors so that they can be properly fitted on your home. Many companies use the same design of these doors which can lead to failure due to being improperly fit.

We follow your local state’s laws so that our exclusion work is done right. This means that we do both trapping and exclusion per states laws such as trapping during the winter so that they do not die to the cold, or in some places such as DC requiring trapping and no exclusion work.

Squirrel exclusion device

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We make sure that your squirrel issues will be a thing of the past. Which is why we go above and beyond in our service. After our exclusion work is done, we will then do repairs for any squirrel damage. Because there is no point in removing the squirrels, if they can crawl back in again. We will handle any situation, either in a multistory home to a business or commercial property we handle them all. Squirrel exclusion is our specialty, and let us help you contact us today for a free inspection at 800-929-7163.

I hired the company to address what turned out to be a flying squirrels problem, and then started the monthly service for insects and other pests throughout the year. Brandon and Matthew have worked with the squirrels, and Tatiana has been terrific with the monthly service. They always call before they come and announce when they're arrived.
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