Squirrel Damage Repair

Squirrels are cute and amusing to watch, but not when they are destroying your home. But after you get rid of them, there is still the mess they left behind. Holes in the roof, soffit, walls, and ruined insulation are many of the damages we see. Many companies simply remove the squirrels, and be on their way. But at Xceptional Wildlife, not only do we remove the squirrels, we also exclude them, and repair the damage they cause. We make sure to do all kinds of squirrel damage repair

The damage they cause often require many different types of damage repair. But we strive to make sure that not only your home is fixed, but it looks as if you never had a squirrel issue.

What damage do squirrels cause?​

Squirrels cause many different types of damage. You would not expect them to be so damaging, but like their rodent brethren, they are messy and disastrous. Here is a few of the types of damage that squirrels cause.

Squirrel Roof Damage

Squirrel Roof Damage is the number one most common repair work we do here. If they find a small opening in a shingle, or between the gutters and the roof line they will exploit it. Roof damage is not to be ignored, as not only does it lead to water damage and rising heating and cooling bills, but it invites other animals into your home. After the squirrels leave it is not uncommon to find bats, rats, and birds nesting in your attic. These pests will lead to even greater roof damage if left alone. Do not worry as Squirrel Roof Damage Repair is our speciality!

Squirrel Roof damage in need of squirrel hole repair

Squirrel Attic DAMAGE

Attic damage caused by squirrels is messy, and sadly very common. Squirrels will nest, eat, defecate, and chew on everything in the attic. Worse yet, if it goes unchecked newborn squirrel babies will grow up and start making nests in other places in your home. Suddenly, instead of one hole, you now have several, which means even more parts of the attic gets damaged. We fix all squirrel attic damages, from rewiring to sealing holes.


Squirrels are as messy as their rodent counterparts. Which means they like to defecate everywhere, and cause major insulation damage to your home! The issue is that when they do so, they feces attracts parasites and bacteria, which the insulation will be needed to be repaired or even replaced. This can cause thousands of dollars of repairs. Worse yet, this bacteria and parasites can appear in your home, and suddenly you have a flea or tick infestation! Insulation damage is no joke, and needs to be fixed immediately or it will get worse.

Squirrel insulation damage


Squirrels can get into your walls and cause major mayhem and destruction. They will chew on the supports, and your wires which can lead to a major fire hazard. Worse yet, if squirrels can get into your walls, so can moisture and mold. If this goes unchecked, you may need to tear out the walls for a full replacement! If you suspect you have squirrels or animals in your walls call a professional wildlife removal expert before the wall damage gets to great!

Squirrel Wall Damage

Squirrel damage Repair work done right

Other pest control companies don’t do any repair work or do it as cheaply as possible after they finish their work. At Xceptional we make sure to do it right and do it well because our goal is to make sure that all your squirrel issues will be gone and stay that way.  We offer a warranty where if the squirrels come back or make a new hole we will come back and fix the issue with no charge or problem. If you are still unsure give us a call today at 800-929-7163 for a free inspection!

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