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Bird Control Services

Birds can be a nuisance pest that costs homes thousands of dollars each year in damages. Xceptional Wildlife has been providing residentail homes with the most advanced bird removal and bird control services since 1993!

We prevent and remove birds from your residential home and offer the most advanced bird control services available – Birds in the attic, birds in vents, birds in a chimney, bird nests in gutters.

No matter the problem or bird, our team can recommend a solution and product to meet your needs. We understand the importance of controlling birds around your home. This is why we offer the most advanced comprehensive solutions for a variety of problems. A no-obligation evaluation is performed at your home so a customized solution can be developed for your individual needs.

Bird Guard Installation for Homes

Homes commonly have problems with birds nesting in air vents, attics or chimneys. Services are provided to remove birds from vents, all nesting material, disinfect and deodorize the vent along with install a bird guard to prevent any additional birds from nesting in the vents.

We prevent and remove birds from your residential home and offer the most advanced bird control services available – Birds in attic, birds in vents or birds in a chiimney.

There are dangers to having a bird living in a vent, such as the potential of a fire from a clogged dryer vent. In addition to potential fire hazards, there are also health hazards from the many diseases birds can carry. Our cird control team provides complete services to clean vents, and install critter guards on vents.

Residential Bird Control Deterrents

pigeon damage, pigeon removal servicesThere are a variety of products and solutions that may be provided to solve a bird problem. Thorough evaluation can determine which method is the most appropriate for your home.

Bird droppings are the #1 problem associated with birds. Their fecal matter is so acidic it damages most everything it comes in contact with. This causes major damage tto roofs. In addition, these birds pose an unhealthy situation to your family and pets. Contact us today to discuss your need for bird control services.

Bird Spiking

Bird spikes are anti roosting devices commonly  placed on ledges, signs, beams, pipes, chimneys, lights, and security cameras that prevent a bird from landing.  These devices are blunted spikes that prevent injury to birds but deters them from landing.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of the most versatile solutions for bird control,  that provides a discreet yet effective barrier against birds.  without inflicting harm on the birds. It may be installed over enclosed and semi-enclosed areas, such as courtyards, garages, open beam structures, under awnings, and many areas where birds need to be excluded from.

Bird Control Gel

Bird Control Gel may be applied to ledges and beams. This product deters birds by a combination of feel, taste and smell. Once the birds lands on the gel the product contains white pepper which causes a warming feeling to their feet. This uncomfortable feeling will causes them to avoid landing there.

Eagle Eye

Eagle eyes are an optical deterrent that are commonly  installed on roof tops. They reflect light beams from sunlight or artificial light, these beams will deter the birds from landing. The Eagle Eye is a reflective pyramid that rotates in a circular motion either by electricity or solar panel depending upon choice of product.

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