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New Jersey Raccoon Removal

New Jersey Raccoon Removal

If you need professional, licensed, humane raccoon removal in New Jersey, give our team a call! Every New Jersey Raccoon Removal job includes a full inspection of your property, followed by humane raccoon removal services that fit your specific situation.

Raccoon Feces Clean Up

We have professionals that can clean up & sanitize raccoon poop at your New Jersey home or building. Need new insulation? We can do that too. This saves you time & money.

New Jersey Raccoon Exclusion

We can help with protecting your New Jersey property against future raccoon invaders. We use the latest techniques available & do all is at a great cost too.

Raccoon Removal in New Jersey

New Jersey Raccoon Removal. Getting rid of raccoons from the attic, crawlspace, or backyard is no challenge for our New Jersey experts. Most people in New Jersey call us because they have raccoons in their attic or have heard raccoon noises in the attic? Raccoons can also destroy the backyard by rolling back the grass or tearing up gardens.

Humane Raccoon Trapping & Control Service

Sometimes raccoons will get into your crawl space since it’s a much cooler place for them to live. Our wildlife trapping experts can help you with all raccoon removal, clean-up, and prevention services in New Jersey.

raccoon removal
We safely remove raccoons in your New Jersey home


If you live in or near any of the counties listed, Please Call Us Now 800-929-7163 for Affordable Prices on Raccoon Control Services.

Raccoons are Nuisance Animals

Yes, raccoons can become a pest. Tired of dealing with raccoons getting too close to your home or pets? Our raccoon control experts in New Jersey can help solve your raccoon problems for good.

We have the experience and know-how to make your property free of raccoons. Our experts only use smart, humane, and efficient methods that will get rid of your raccoon issues. New Jersey raccoon removal requires qualified and knowledgeable New Jersey raccoon experts. If you own a home or business and have raccoon problems, then you can rely on our New Jersey raccoon removal experts.

Some people refer to this service as raccoon pest control or New Jersey raccoon control or even raccoon exterminators. We specialize in professional raccoon trapping and raccoon control management. If you own property or business and have raccoon problems, then you can rely on our New Jersey raccoon removal experts. We are New Jersey’s best raccoon trappers.

Raccoon Damages

Raccoons in New Jersey usually become a nuisance in the inner cities. These raccoons are labeled as a nuisance due to their destruction and presence on New Jersey neighborhood properties. The most common calls and complaints about raccoon damages are:

  • Digging up the garden
  • Rolling back the sod or grass
  • Living in the attic
  • Living in the crawlspace
  • Living in the chimney
  • Tearing holes through vents or roof
  • Tipping over garbage cans
  • Stealing pet food
  • Coming in through pet doors
  • Dead raccoon in the attic or crawlspace
  • Raccoons scaring dogs, cats and children
  • Sick or rabid raccoons

When this happens, many property owners wish to have the pesky raccoons trapped and removed by Trapping Experts in New Jersey. We know how to get rid of raccoons in your backyard or attic.

Raccoons In the Attic New Jersey

If you have raccoons in your attic, you probably have a big hole somewhere. First, raccoons love attics; it provides high shelter away from people and predators. An attic is also a perfect place for a female raccoon to have their young ones. 

We will thoroughly inspect the outside of the property. In the spring and summer months, there will be female raccoons with babies in the attic, this is a very complex case. It involves an adult female raccoon and a litter of baby raccoons. The nest of baby raccoons must be located and removed and trap the mother raccoon.

We identify all possible entryways by raccoons where they have been entering your home over a period. Based on the evidence we find we will begin repairs. Once the raccoons have been removed safely, our team finds the entry and exit points.

If you live in New Jersey and need help with raccoon removal from the attic, give us a call! 800-929-7163

Raccoons Destroying your Yard in New Jersey

Raccoons can make a mess of your lawn in New Jersey. Their main attraction to your yard/garden is the juicy insects, like grubs or worms. Raccoons can damage or roll back the grass forging for a high in protein meal. I’ve had many customers that have had these same raccoon problems in New Jersey. And many of them have tried DIY raccoon deterrent/repellents with no results. They always ask, “how to get rid of raccoons in the backyard, how to make raccoons leave, or what raccoons don’t like.

Another home remedy people tried to repel/deter raccoons is motion sensor sprinklers, cayenne pepper, or ammonia. With NO luck, they end up calling us to have the raccoons trapped and removed in New Jersey.

Our Wildlife Trapping Experts can help you remove the raccoon rolling back or tearing up your grass. We will come out to your home or business place in New Jersey and help you take control of your property. Our experts know how to catch a raccoon digging in your backyard or garden. We only set up sturdy humane raccoon traps to capture the raccoons.

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