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Get Rid of Squirrels in Virginia

Need to get rid of squirrels in on your Virginia home or property? Our wildlife removal company responds to squirrel removal calls in Virginia, DC, Maryland, including Arlington County, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Alexandria, Richmond, Hampton, Roanoke, and Charlottesville areas.

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We also respond to calls for squirrel removal in Virginia homes and businesses. Because they have the most up-to-date tips, methods, and technology for trapping, removing, and excluding nuisance pests, our Wildlife Removal Specialists eliminate squirrels and implement squirrel management solutions.

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Damage Caused by Squirrels

While squirrels have a function in our environment, having one in your home or attic is the last thing you want. Squirrels cause billions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses each year. They are just second to the raccoon as the most destructive mammal. Squirrels will chew through almost anything to locate food or sharpen their teeth, including wires, wood, and drywall. Because squirrels are acclimated to humans, it is usually a good idea to contact a squirrel removal specialist that works for a wildlife removal firm.

Squirrel Removal from Virginia Homes

When squirrels are discovered in people’s homes in Virginia, squirrel removal is a must-do task. Have squirrels been heard in your attic or behind your walls? If that’s the case, taking quick action to get rid of squirrels before it’s too late will save you money.

Common Squirrels Found in Virginia

Squirrels come in a variety of shapes and sizes in the United States. The Eastern Gray Squirrel, a medium-sized arboreal or tree squirrel, is the most common squirrel found in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. The back of the Eastern Gray Squirrel is grizzled dark to pale gray, with a white to pale gray tail and tummy, with a tinge of red coloring on the hips, feet, and head. In general, there is no variation in size or coloration between males and females.

Squirrel Breeding and Feeding Habits

Each year, eastern gray squirrels have two breeding seasons. Breeding takes place primarily from December to February and May to June. Females can have two litters per year, one during each breeding season, with a litter size of 2–3 individuals on average. Squirrels are sexually active all of their lives.

Squirrels are quick to adapt to their surroundings and whatever circumstance they find themselves in. Their existence is contingent on how soon they learn about the food sources in the area. If there is no food available, squirrels will travel great distances to find it and then make their home close. The nest of a squirrel is normally built high in the trees. If there isn’t a tree nearby, the squirrel will make a home in the next best thing, which is usually your roof or attic.

How to Get Squirrels Out of Your Attic

Calling a professional animal and squirrel removal company is always the best option. If you’re hearing noises in your attic, it’s likely that you’ve got an unwelcome visitor. Scratching and other noises that sound like you have a squirrel in your wall are the most prevalent sounds connected with squirrels in the attic. All of these things could indicate that a female squirrel is getting ready to give birth. Homeowners should handle this as soon as possible before the children reach the age when they might do harm to your property and electrical wiring.

The tree squirrel is an unwelcome visitor in your home. Do not hesitate to contact us if you hear chewing or scratching in your attic. We conduct all services relating to squirrel catching, restoring damage, and excluding all types of squirrels, including red squirrel removal, fox squirrel removal, and rock squirrel removal, as squirrel removal professionals. In all areas of Virginia, DC and Maryland, our certified wildlife removal technicians react to all calls for squirrel management and removal.

Repair Squirrel Damage and Remove Contaminated Insulation in the Attic

Squirrels must be removed from your home because of the damage they can cause. Because their front teeth are continually growing, they must constantly gnaw on items to maintain their teeth sharp and manageable. Squirrels chew tree bark, twigs, and other hard objects in the environment in the wild. They will, however, chew wire, support beams, roof bracing, and electrical fixtures in your attic.

Squirrels will degrade the insulation in your attic by stomping it and forcing it down, as well as polluting it with urine and feces. They also make holes in the drywall in the ceiling, which is usually caused by a mother squirrel strengthening her rear leg muscles in preparation for birth.

Our squirrel removal experts have years of experience securely removing animal feces and insulation from attics, as well as restoring and repairing any damage caused by squirrels.

Humane Squirrel Trapping and Removal

We offer squirrel and animal removal and control services that are safe for you, your pets, and your home. You may count on us to trap and eliminate unwanted squirrels and wild animals in a compassionate and environmentally friendly manner.


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Calls about dogs, cats, or other domesticated animals are not answered. We also don’t react to calls for animals that are found on public land. In these cases, call your local police department or the county’s animal control hotline.

Squirrel Pest Control Solutions

Our squirrel removal and animal control services can handle almost any wild animal problem that a homeowner may encounter.

In Northern Virginia and Maryland, we have a skilled team that will locate, capture, and remove wild animals that have made their way into attics, basements, crawl spaces, soffits, chimneys, or any other area of a home or business.

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