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Deer Repellant Services in Virginia

Deer Repellant Services in Virginia

Do you have a deer problem? Deer are beautiful animals, but they can be very destructive. They leave their droppings and urine on your property and eat your plants, trees, and flowers. If you want to keep deer off your property for good, our team of professional wildlife control technicians can help.

We provide professional deer control services in Virginia that will rid your land of these animals in a safe, effective, and humane way. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.

Control Deer Damage

Many homeowners are experiencing significant damage to their expensive ornamental trees and shrubs from deer feeding. Xceptional Wildlife Removal offers a deer repellent program designed to help protect your valuable plantings from being damaged by the expanding number of deer in Virginia.

Our tried-and-true program combines the use of scent and taste aversions on a regular schedule to discourage deer from damaging your plant material. These products are used to modify deer feeding and help reduce the activity of deer carrying ticks bearing Lyme disease on your property.

Deer Damage Facts

·  White-tailed deer feed on gardens, landscape plants and trees, and agricultural crops.

·  Deer damage has a rough or torn appearance. It does not look cleanly clipped.

·  Deer damage is more likely when deer population numbers are high and environmental conditions are stressful, especially during cold temperatures and deep snow.

·  Deer are creatures of habit and often return to the same area. Act early and treat with repellents to discourage their visits and reduce damage.

· Options to prevent deer browsing include protective structures, habitat modification, repellents, hazing, regulated hunting and resistant plants.

We provide a deer repellent treatment service that combines organic materials to keep deer away from your prized landscaping.

Deer Repellant Services Virginia

Xceptional Wildlife biologists have devised a successful deer repellent treatment program employing a combination of deer repellants after years of research, experimentation, and field tests. Our Virginia team is here to help solve your deer problems!

An integrated strategy to deer damage management is frequently the most effective method to address the issue.

To minimize deer damage, any one or a combination of measures such as population management, fence, plant selection, and commercial repellants can be used.

Xceptional Wildlife provides a deer repellent treatment service that combines organic materials to keep deer away from your prized landscaping.

Our deer repellent solution is non-toxic to humans and pets, and it won’t hurt your trees, shrubs, or flowers. Repellants work by having an unpleasant taste, odor, or a mix of both to deter deer from feeding.

How Deer Repellants Work

Taste-based repellants are applied directly to plants and will repel deer due to their undesirable taste. Taste-based materials must be consumed to become effective. Damages, sometimes substantial, will occur before deer become trained to the fact that your plants have an offensive taste.

Odor-based repellents deter deer from your plants and property by their offensive smell. When applied directly to the landscapes that surround your yard, deer are less likely to try and eat the plant or approach your yard.

Odor and Taste-based repellants provide the benefits of both kinds of materials.

Our trained wildlife specialists will implement a deer repellant management

treatment strategy that deters deer from coming on your property and destroying your landscape. Our biologists will carefully treat your landscaping with weather-resistant organic repellant.

About Our Team

Xceptional Wildlife has a mission to deliver the finest quality deer, wildlife, and pest removal service in the industry.

We provide service to Virginia residents and businesses centered on quick response, the highest level of customer satisfaction, and an emphasis on the ethical treatment of animals while using methods that are environmentally sound.

Our staff of biologists are highly educated and experienced in the industry, bringing over 50 years of combined experience in the wildlife management and pest control field.

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