Wildlife Removal for Golf Courses

We provide safe, effective wildlife removal and pest control solutions to keep your golf course beautiful. Services include removal of:

  • Skunk, possum, squirrels, armadillo
  • Rodents, moles, voles
  • Wasps, hornets, snakes
  • Beavers, groundhogs, gophers, muskrats
  • Wild geese, nuisance birds
Xceptional Wildlife Removal
Xceptional Wildlife Removal

Armadillo, Possum, Raccoon Removal

Grounds are free from holes created by wildlife searching for grubs

Xceptional Wildlife Removal

Moles, Groundhogs, Ground Squirrel Removal

Avoid burrow tunnels, holes and potential injury

Xceptional Wildlife Removal

Wasp, Bee, Hornet, Stinging Insect Removal

Provide a safe environment for golfers and workers

Wildlife Removal for Golf Courses

Golf courses are the perfect environment for wildlife to live in. The lush turf and easy food sources such as insects and trashcans welcome scavenger animals. Plentiful trees, vegetation, and bodies of water are also irresistible to a host of different wildlife species. Our team will humanely remove wildlife issues on your golf course!

Nuisance Wildlife Can
Destroy Your Golf Course

With over 20 years of wildlife removal experience and exclusion services, we guarantee to eliminate nuisance wildlife problems

Wildlife Removal, Humane Trapping

golf course animal control, wildlife removal

Wildlife Trapping

Humane Wildlife Removal

wildlife removal

23 Years, Licensed Professionals


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Good people to do business with. Refreshing to find people who do what they say they will do when they say they will do it. They assessed the situation for free and then gave me a fair quote. Tyler McVey was courteous, professional, and very responsive. Highly recommend them.


We have used Xceptional for 4+ years. Every tech is highly knowledgeable and very professional. We love them! Started using the years ago when we had a mice problem. They were honest and reasonably priced and we have been using them ever since for pest control! Would highly recommend!

Leigh Anne

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